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Helping You Help Others

Web Design and Build

We organize and structure web sites and web applications for optimum user experience (UX) on any device. We keep our designs simple to keep the information accessible. Attributes of our work include:

  • Visually appealing
  • Meets the unique needs of each organization
  • Aligned with the specific community of users
  • Responsive to screen size, including mobile
  • As interactive as desired
  • Implements web services for inter-app communication
  • Integrates with social media and other APIs

CMS Configuration and Customization

We are well-versed in the installation and configuration of Drupal and Wordpress content management systems and Moodle Learning Management System. We also offer:

  • Visual design theme customization for CMS installs
  • Development of custom CMS modules
  • Migration from old platforms.
  • Moodle LMS customizations for education and training
  • Server configuration
  • Recommendations to optimize usability
  • Integration with packaged applications, such as eCommerce, slideshows, media players, etc.

Mobile App Design

We offer mobile application design services for the front end and web service and database design for the back end. Bring us your app idea, we will work with you to bring it to fruition.

Site Administration and Database Capabilities

We develop customized products that allow administrators or other users to store, access and manipulate data using a SQL database. Users can view, add, and modify data and run reports in a variety of formats.

Featured Projects

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Science Collaboration

Design, Drupal, Groups

Global Public Health

Design, Drupal, Mapping

Medical Data Standards

Design, Drupal, Wiki

Autism Education and Community

Design, Drupal, Migration

HIV/AIDS Prevention

Design, Drupal

Distance Medical Education

Moodle, Single sign-on, Migration

Designer's Reference App

IOS and Android Native Mobile

Custom Certificates

Image processing, PDF Generation, Reports, Statistics

Non-profits Organziations

Custom forms, Reports


Helping You Help Others

Simple Useful Tools, LLC is a design and development studio that represents the combined efforts of Tom Durocher, Connie Malamed and associates. We focus on web and mobile projects that improve the world and/or provide information access to under-served communities.

Tom uses PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java or whatever it takes to program web sites and applications. He specializes in:

  • Complex Web Development
  • Dynamic content (browser and server-side scripting)
  • Site administrative capabilities
  • Interface with APIs, such as Amazon, Google Maps, etc.
  • CMS modules and customization (Drupal, Moodle, Wordpress, etc.)

Connie specializes in information architecture, usability, visual communication and online learning. She applies her HTML and CSS skills to front-end development. She is also is the author of Visual Language For Designers, and Visual Design Solutions, which present principles of visual design based on cognitive science.

Simple Useful Tools is based in Maryland, though we work with clients in any part of the world.

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Helping You Help Others